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United Families of America Declaration

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Migrant children and families are treated like criminals, moved from U.S. Customs Border detention centers to shelters across the country. Over 2,300 children have been separated from their families by this administration’s zero tolerance policies and tens of thousands more unaccompanied minors remain in shelters across the country. It is time to demand action on immigration.

LULAC 102 members and supporters have been calling Congress, hosting rallies, and attending actions around the country. We have demanded our members of Congress put a stop to the "zero-tolerance" policy keeping children from their parents.

Now the federal government says it is stopping the separation of families. But thousands of boys and girls are still being held against their will. Some have been in detention for weeks or months, spending 22-hours a day locked up.

Help us bring these families back together so their pain can end and their healing begin.

Doing so for the children will help honor the true meaning of July 4th:

FREEDOM for All.